Wilson Ultra Men’s Complete Golf Set (10 Clubs + Headcovers and Bag) – Product Review:

Offering recreational players a fully integrated, comprehensive starter set that is built to deliver distance, the Wilson Ultra Men’s Complete Golf Set includes a 460cc driver, a fairway wood, a steel hybrid, six perimeter-weighted irons, and a mallet putter. Contained within a high-quality stand bag and equipped with head covers, the Ultra Set can take you straight from the box to the green. Ideal for players who love to crush the ball, the Ultra set’s 460cc titanium composite driver provides high stability on mis-hits. The low center of gravity No. 3 fairway wood comes with a tip-reinforced graphite shaft. The easy alignment putter delivers the accuracy you are looking for, and the steel hybrid is easier to hit with than a long iron. The deep cavity irons (Nos. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and Pitching Wedge) provide a large sweetspot and greater accuracy. A deluxe stand bag completes the set with comfortable double shoulder straps, multiple pockets, and a stand.

Driver Features:

Cold Forged Titanium Matrix
Maximum legal size: 460cc
Large face creates an enormous sweet spot

Iron Features:

Irons 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and Pitching Wedge
Large sweetspot and better accuracy

Hybrid, Wood, and Putter Features:

Easy alignment mallet putter
Fairway wood with graphite shaft
Steel hybrid that’s easier to hit than long irons
Hybrid features a very low center of gravity
True Temper steel shaft on hybrid

Wilson Ultra Men’s Complete Golf Set (10 Clubs + Headcovers and Bag) – Product Description:

Wilson pacakage sets offer the recreational player a fully integrated, comprehensive set of equipment that’s course ready right out of the box. New larger head sizes and improved shaft performance deliver unbelievable distance with great feel.

Product Features :

1. Large 460cc Titanium Matrix Driver with High Stability on mis-hits
2. Low center of gravity fairwaywood with tip reinforced graphite shaft
3. Deep Cavity irons provide large sweetspot and greater accuracy
4. Deluxe cart bag with stand and double shoulder straps
5. Easy to align mallet putter with soft all weather putter grip

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