TaylorMade Men’s Burner 460 Ti Driver – Product Review:

TaylorMade continues its long-running standard of excellence with the men’s Burner 460 Ti driver. The driver is distinguished by the company’s SuperFast technology, which reduces the total club weight to 299 grams from an average of 320, thereby promoting a faster swing speed and more drive-crushing distance. By building a driver that players can swing faster–and that delivers a higher average ball speed on mis-hits–TaylorMade has increased a player’s distance significantly from shot to shot, making it more fun than ever to bomb it off the tee. The driver’s advanced bullet-shaped clubhead, meanwhile, incorporates a far-back CG location to launch the ball high and super deep. Although the bullet shape looks sleek and slippery, the actual aerodynamics don’t affect clubhead speed. However, because the Burner looks fast, golfers gain the confidence to believe that they can, in fact, build faster clubhead speed during the swing. Add in Fujikura’s SuperFast RE*AX 50-gram shaft–which is exceptionally lightweight and stable to promote greater distance and accuracy–and you have an ideal driver for virtually any course. The Burner’s combination of a large head, sleek shape, longer length, and lighter swing weight work together to make this the fastest driver TaylorMade has ever created in terms of potential clubhead speed and ball speed.

Other details include TaylorMade’s inverted Cone Technology, which produces a highly effective Moment of Inertia (MOI) that exceeds 5,800 yet still conforms to USGA standards; a massive 460cc clubhead; an extra-sturdy titanium body and face construction; and a 46-inch club length.


1. Head Size: 460cc
2. Lie Angle: 59°
3. Face Angle loft/closure: 9.5 = 1°, 10.5 = 1.5°
4. Face Material: Titanium face featuring ICT and PFC
5. Body Material: 6-4 Titanium
6. Construction: 2-piece construction with PFC
7. Club Length: 46″
8. Club Swing Weight: D5
9. Shaft Properties: RE*AX SuperFast 50 by Fujikura
10. Shaft Weight: 50g

TaylorMade Men’s Burner 460 Ti Driver – Product Description:

TaylorMade Burner 460 Ti Driver continues the long running standard of excellence with the Burner 460 Driver. With the SuperFast Graphite Shaft the Burner 460 allows for incredibly fast swing speed, enabling golfers to blast the ball off the tee with supreme confidence.

Product Features :

1. Men’s driver designed to promote faster swing speed and more drive-crushing distance
2. SuperFast technology reduces the total club weight to 299 grams for added speed
3. Advanced bullet-shaped clubhead with far-back CG location launches ball high and deep
4. Inverted Cone Technology produces highly effective MOI; massive 460cc clubhead
5. Titanium body and face construction; 46-inch club length; 2-year warranty

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