Intech Future Tour Pee Wee Junior Golf Set (Age 5 and Under) – Product Review:

Designed with the beginning golfer in mind, the Intech Future Tour set includes all the clubs your child needs to get started. The set–which is designed for children ages 5 and under–is equipped with an oversized 20-degree driver for greater distance, along with oversized, wide-sole 5 and 9 irons to handle the basic fairway situations. The heel-toe, ceramic-faced junior putter, meanwhile, is weighted nicely to give your kid’s a putts a smooth, steady feel. Best of all, every club offers a lightweight, easy-to-control composite graphite shaft. Other features include a driver head cover and a collapsible nylon carrying bag. The Future Tour set carries a one-year warranty.

Intech Future Tour Pee Wee Junior Golf Set (Age 5 and Under) – Product Description:

The Intech Future Tour Pee Wee Combo is designed with the beginner golfer in mind. The combo contains an oversized 20 degree driver for greater distance including head cover, mirror finished, cavity back, wide sole, oversized 5 and 9 irons for all fairway situations, a Heel-toe weighted ceramic faced Junior putter, a light weight collapsible nylon bag. Clubs have light weight composite graphite shafts. Let your Junior get started on the right foot to a game that will last a life time!

Product Features :

1. Includes 20 degree fairway driver, a 5 and 9 iron, putter, nylon bag
2. 20 degree loft driver for dual use on fairway also
3. Lightweight and flexible composite graphite shafts for junior swings
4. Lightweight nylon bag for ease of carry
5. Warranty one year from date of purchase

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