HiPPO Hex2 Men’s Driver – Product Description:

The HEX2 features a unique hexagonal shape that allows optimum weight distribution to reduce the effect of side spin and provide more energy transfer from club face to ball resulting in the straightest and longest driver ever designed. The aerodynamically shaped 460cc club head is designed to reduce drag on the backswing and generate higher head speed at impact.HiPPO’s patented Integrated Technology marries ultra light woven 3K carbon fiber radius side rails to a 6-4 titanium crown and sole that is welded to the super hard forged Beta Ti face allowing the thinnest face possible for maximum COR and distance. Six grams of additional weight at the aft corners provide an extremely high Moment of Inertia (MOI) and help stabilize the club head on miss hits, ensuring straighter drives. The HEX2 is powered by HiPPO’s CP4 proprietary shaft utilizing state of the art Quad Pure with high modulus graphite fibers.

Product Features :

1. Men’s driver with innovative hexagonal shape for maximum distance
2. Distributes weight through the clubhead to reduce side spin and increase energy transfer
3. Employs 6 grams of additional weight at aft corners to produce high moment of inertia (MOI)
4. Aerodynamically shaped clubhead reduces drag on the backswing for higher head speed
5. Shaft offers state-of-the-art Quad Pure fibers; soft wrap “synleather” grip

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