Hippo Hex TX Men’s Geometric Driver – Product Description:

Hippo Golf designed the Hex TX to meet the performance needs of the more accomplished golfer yet provide stability and forgiveness on miss hits. The new geometric shape creates the highest moment of ineria possible and the super hard SP700 titanium face makes the ball explode at impact for incredible distance. The visible external weight ports add 8 grams of weight to each corner keeping the clubhead square through impact.

Product Features :

1. The Hex TX is the most powerful new geometry driver on the market today
2. A new dynamic head shape with V-slot sole affords the Hex TX maximum 5000 plus MOI and the highest legal
3. Extra weight positioned at the back corners provide stability on impact for straighter drives even when miss hits occur
4. The unique V-slot sole design and aerodynamic side slots help generate greater club head speed
5. The Hex TX P is powered by the grafalloy ProLaunch platinum shaft
6. 850 COR meanign raw power, faster club head speed, and longer straighter drives

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