Callaway FT-9 Driver – Product Review:

Callaway FT-9 Driver Fusing versatility, distance, and control in a single space-age package, the Callaway FT-9 driver is the club that serious shot makers crave. The FT-9 driver represents the latest evolution of Fusion Technology, a multi-material process that gives Callaway Golf engineers the utmost freedom in design. Combining a carbon-composite body with a titanium face cup, Fusion Technology allows Callaway engineers to strategically position the center of gravity (CG) in the perfect spot, increasing stability on off-center hits while helping you hit more creative, adventurous shots. Just as importantly for shot-shapers, the club is equipped with Hyperbolic Face Technology, a cutting-edge driver face design that blends mathematics and engineering to improve ball speeds across the entire face. And golfers will love the club’s OptiFit weighting system, which gives you the choice of two CG locations depending on your natural swing type. Add the features together and you have a club that hits fades, draws, or high drives with equal aplomb. Overall, the FT-9 driver promotes the type of strong, penetrating trajectories preferred by highly accomplished players.

Explaining Callaway Golf Technologies

Callaway Golf makes unique use of carbon composite material in the body of Fusion drivers. The idea behind the technology–which took 10 years of research to perfect–has always been to move weight from areas of the clubhead where it’s less useful to where it’s needed most. Carbon composite begins as woven strands of fine, black carbon fiber, each strand approximately 1/10th the thickness of human hair. After combining and impregnating the individual carbon fibers with epoxy resin, Callaway lays the carbon composite into a tool that’s shaped like the driver body. The company then adds internal weights to build draw, neutral, or fade-biased clubheads, heats the tool, and ultimately fuses the carbon fiber strands and epoxy into a single strong shell. The resulting clubhead is weighted strongly to the perimeter, creating the moment of inertia (MOI) and CG you need to drive the ball long and straight.

The club’s Hyperbolic Face Technology, meanwhile, represents Callaway’s commitment to setting a standard in the all-titanium driver market. Three years in the making, Hyperbolic Face Technology redefines the speed at which golf balls leave the clubface by strategically re-shaping the face with a hyperbolic curve. This dramatically improves the impact efficiency and produces a larger effective hitting area, in turn generating higher ball speeds across the entire face. Golfers with FT-9 drivers will enjoy significant distance on off-center hits, giving you less disparity between the balls you hit in the center of the clubface and balls you don’t.

Another favorite technology included in the FT-9 is the club’s OptiFit weighting system, which lets golfers customize their driver with one of two center of gravity locations: draw, which promotes a draw or reduces a slice/fade; and neutral, which offers maximum workability. As a bonus, Callaway located the club’s web weighting on the exterior of the clubhead, allowing golfers to precisely position the weights to match up with their swing types. The result is longer, more accurate drives with every swing.

Callaway FT-9 Driver – Product Description:

Fade it. Draw it. Or take it over the trees. If you’ve got the creativity in your game to imagine golf’s most incredible tee shots, the new FT-9 Driver is made just for you. Callaway Golf engineers were able to expand on the success of the FT-5® and surpa

Product Features :

  • Versatile, powerful driver with carbon-composite body and titanium face cup
  • Hyperbolic Face Technology produces larger hitting area and quicker ball speeds
  • OptiFit weighting system lets golfers choose draw-biased or neutral configuration
  • Ideal club for highly accomplished players; includes visible external web weighting
  • Available in 9-, 10-, 11-, and 13-degree lofts; measures 45 inches long; 2-year warranty

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