Accu-Length AL2000 Expandable Boy’s Starter Golf Club Set (Height Range 50″ to 60″) – Product Description:

The only junior golf clubs that are available in four starter sets which provide a custom fit for ages 3-13. Due to the patented spacer system Accu-Length golf clubs provide junior golfers with a perfectly fitted club which allows the junior the opportunity to learn the proper swing and stance. Head weight, loft and shaft flexibility are three key elements to the quality of our junior clubs. Each golf club has been designed with the proper loft angle, head weight and shaft stiffness to allow the best fit and enjoyment for each age group.

Product Features :

1. Includes golf bag 4 expandable clubs (3-wood, 7 iron, pitching wedge, and a putter) extra locking pins and allen key
2. Stainless steel heads. High quality material which provides a forgiving and durable golf club
3. Filament wound graphite shafts. Allows us the ability to control a low flex point. No matter how long the club is 4. lengthened the flex point never moves which helps provide a higher ball flight.
4. High tec patented spacer systems which provides the ability to custom fit a set of clubs to a junior golfer over a five year period.
5. 1 year limited warranty

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