Accu-Length AL1000 Expandable Boy’s Starter Golf Club Set (Height Range 44″ to 54″) – Product Review:

Give your child the best chance at learning the proper swing and fundamentals with the Accu-Length Expandable Junior Club Starter Set, which will grow with your child for up to five golfing seasons–saving you hundreds of dollars. Before you know it, your son or daughter will be playing great golf and having lots of fun on the course.

Accu-Length’s patented shaft spacer system allows you to add to the shaft length to accommodate your child’s growth. The average junior golfer grows up to two and a half inches per year, and professionals agree that for every two inches your child grows, an extra inch should be added to the length of his or her club in order to achieve a proper fit.

Each ultra-light Accu-Length spacer adds one inch to a club, and once installed they will not break, bend, slip, or rattle for the life of the club. The spacers have a threaded end that connects to the preceding space or shaft. After being installed by removing a locking pin just below the custom grip, the spacers actually become a permanent part of the shaft.

This set of Accu-Length golf clubs has been designed with proper head weights and lofts for the intended age group. As your child grows and their skills develop, the spacer system of the Accu-Length golf club actually stiffens the shaft, slowly easing the forgiveness of the club as the speed of your child’s swing speed increases. Additionally, each club has a lock at the top of the shaft that is designed to guarantee the grip will not unscrew or rotate during use.

Each Accu-Length set includes a properly weighted fairway wood with a high-quality grip and head cover; a 7-iron (AL1000, AL2000, and AL3000 models only) for maximum loft and distance from either the fairway or rough; a pitching wedge; a heel-toe weighted putter; golf bag with dual straps, self-standing legs, and a small pouch; and a CD-ROM that has all the information you need to get started with your golf clubs. Each set also includes assembly instructions, sizing information, a private junior golf lesson from Rudy Duran, Rudy’s trivia and frequently-asked questions. A sizing chart measures the child for proper custom-fitting.

Accu-Length AL1000 Expandable Boy’s Starter Golf Club Set (Height Range 44″ to 54″) – Product Description:

The only junior golf clubs that are available in four starter sets which provide a custom fit for ages 3-13. Due to the patented spacer system Accu-Length golf clubs provide junior golfers with a perfectly fitted club which allows the junior the opportunity to learn the proper swing and stance. Head weight, loft and shaft flexibility are three key elements to the quality of our junior clubs. Each golf club has been designed with the proper loft angle, head weight and shaft stiffness to allow the best fit and enjoyment for each age group.

Product Features :

1. Includes expandable fairway wood, putter, and pitching wedge; also includes a golf club bag
2. Patented spacer systems provides custom fit to set of junior golf clubs over a five year period
3. Stainless steel heads provide a forgiving and durable club
4. Lightweight and durable stand bag is comfortable to carry
5. One-year warrantytd>

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