OGIO Vaporlite Stand Bag – 2007 Model – Product Review:

Weighing just 3.8 pounds, this extra-light stand bag is outfitted with the nine-inch Woode Lite eight-way top with full-length compressed-nylon dividers to minimize club contact, five zippered pockets, an integrated stand, and a detachable lower pocket panel for embroidery/logo application. The bag is 36.5 inches high and is made of square ripstop/nylon twill/420D diamond dobby nylon. For easy lifting and carrying, it has a Lift Grip integrated trunk handle and a Triple Triangle shoulder strap system. Among the bag’s pockets are a weatherproof fleece-lined one for valuables. Other features include a walking-accessible water-bottle holder and a zippered rain hood.

OGIO Vaporlite Stand Bag – 2007 Model – Product Description:

The 3.8-pound Vaporlite is a sidekick that performs on all fronts. A Woode Lite top segues into full-length, three-way dividers, while carrying is facilitated through the comfortable, Crossbow Lite mesh shoulder strap system. With a user-friendly walking-accessible water bottle holster and 5 pockets the Vaporlite is heavy on features but light on weight.

Product Features :

1. Height: 36.5″
2. Weight 3.8 lbs
3. Integrated stand
4. 9″ Woode Lite 8-way soft-leather top
5. Full-length compressed-nylon dividers
6. Detachable lower pocket panel for embroidery/logo application
7. Triple Triangle shoulder-strap system
8. Lift Grip integrated trunk handle
9. Zippered rain hood
10. 5 zippered pockets
11. Weatherproof fleece-lined valuables pocket
12. Walking-accessible water-bottle holder

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