Golf: Lower Your Score with Mental Training – Product Review:

A must for any golfer serious about improving your game! –Lisa ‘Longball’ Vlooswk, Four time Canadian Long Drive Champion and four time World Long Drive Finalist

There is no doubt this book will be helpful to golfers. A welcome addition to the psychology of golf literature. –Rich Gordin, EdD, Professor, Utah State University

Golf: Lower Your Score with Mental Training – Product Description:

This book offers the reader sound, scientifically tested ways and means to perform better at golf while actually enjoying it more! It presents a powerful strategy for players to not only improve on their golf game, but also their personal lives as well. Golf is essentially about the present moment—now, this shot! You play the shot that faces you and play it to the best of your ability, and when you are in the middle of one of these flows of good golf, your concentration is positive and you are not haunted by the memory of bad shots. This book explains a quick and effective method for producing more of those great flows of golf, and how to avoid the pitfalls and the negative thinking. You will discover how easy it is to develop—and keep—a confident frame of mind for better shot making. The program presented is developmental, as opposed to clinical or problem solving in nature. You learn about and develop your inner mental skills, skills which require you to ‘go inside yourself’ to that part of your mind where you foster behaviors that promote good performance. Creative use of imagery makes it possible to re-program the software of your brain and rid yourself of unwanted behaviors and beliefs, which get in the way of good performance.

Product Features :

1. Use mental imagery to learn and improve your game
2. Develop positive thoughts and behavior patterns
3. Focus completely on the shot you are about to make
4. Increase your chances of having and then sustaining peak performance This book, as well as the accompanying CD of relaxation exercises, will give you the tools to achieve peak performance in golf and in other sports you play. It has a parallel and perhaps more important goal: to help you develop a lifestyle that is healthy, and behaviors which lead to peak wellness.

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