Top-Flite Gamer v2 Golf Balls (12-Pack) – Product Description:

Every golfer has a ball they put in play when it counts. You just found your Game. This new ball features award-winning Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics and provides total 3-piece performance from tee to green. The cover has been reformulated for increased durability, longer distance and superior short-game spin for increased greenside control. The highly resilient core is softer to produce better feel off the clubface. The new DuPont HPF mantle layer increases ball speed and reduces driver spin to maximize distance off the tee.

Product Features :

1. Unique aerodynamic surface maintains spin longer throughout flight, increasing aerodynamic efficiency
2. Provides superior short-game spin and feel for great control around the greens with better durability
3. Provides outstanding distance while maintaining soft feel
4. Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics
5. Soft, Thin, More Durable Cover

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