Srixon Trispeed Golf Balls – Product Description:
The Srixon Trispeed golf ball features the follwing:
1. 3-piece construction
2. Rabalon HR blended soft cover delivers incredible feel with amazing velocity
3. Soft Energetic Gradient Growth core provides highly efficient energy transfer from ball to club
4. Rabalon HR blended soft boundary layer for enhanced ball speed
5. Highly resilient, advanced aerodynamics for greater carry and distance
6. Superb feel on all shots from tee to green
7. High trajectory aerodynamics make it easier to get the ball airborne
8. 333 dimple pattern to optimize lift at low speeds for longer carry
9. Promotes a shallow angle of descent for greater roll

Product Features :

1. Condition: New
2. Quantity: 1-Dozen

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