OnPar Golf Touchscreen GPS – Product Reveiw:

Having a golf GPS unit in your bag is a bit like playing with your very own PGA-quality caddie. These little electronic wonders have evolved a great deal since the USGA deemed them legal for tournament play in 2005. Most models these days can provide you with quick and accurate information regarding distance to the hole and other targets and hazards; length of prior shots (often storable for future reference); course layout; distance to the front, middle, and back of the green; and more.

With a wide range of golf GPS device, feature, and subscription choices available on the market today, finding one that’s right for you can be like finding the middle of the fairway when the winds are swirling. Amazon.com has put together a list of the top GPS units and their key specifications, below, to help you select your ideal model.

OnPar Golf Touchscreen GPS – Product Description:

OnPar is the first GPS touchscreen introduced to the gold market. We took a fresh look at the GPs rangefinders and how technoogy could intuitively create a more accurate and user-friendly device. The device needed to incorporate traditional golf information and unrivaled useful features that actually helped the golfer manage and improve their game. All of this information needed to be easily accessible with a single touch of the screen on an ideal sized display that was easy to read. OnPar, was built on these principles and created to help golfers with distance information and the ability to track and suggest personalized club strategies. The first OnPar Touchscreen GPS was launched to the golf community at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show with resounding success. In using the most advanced technology, this next generation GPS product has been described as “Your own Personal Caddie.” It allows you to View each golf hole; Track every shot; and Know your game better. Hand Held GPS Products have evolved, so will your game. Savant GPS, LLC, is a Houston based Golf Technology Company. It designed, built, manufacturered, and distributes the “Next Generation” golf GPS, OnPar. OnPar is a registered trademark of Savant GPS, LLC.

Product Features :

1. OnPar is the first GPS Touchscreen designed specifically for Golf.
2. Stores up to 300 Golf Courses at one time.
3. View the distance from you, to any target, and remaining yardage to the green with a simple touch of the 3.5″ high resolution touchscreeen.
4. Track your shots and receive club suggestions based on recent average distance for each club.

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