Odyssey White Hot XG 2-Ball F7 Putter – Product Review:

Boasting a modified, extended mallet head with weighted alignment wings, a double-bend shaft, and the popular 2-Ball alignment system, the White Hot XG 2-Ball F7 putter is a terrific choice for beginning and experienced golfers alike. The putter–commonly known as the Fang putter–is outfitted with Odyssey’s multilayer White Hot XG insert, which includes an elastomer core that enhances the feel of the putter, along with a thin, firm outer striking surface that’s infused with urethane to create a fine-tuned responsiveness. This not only boosts feedback and distance control, but it also helps shift the weight to the perimeter of the putter head to create a higher moment of inertia (MOI) and better stability. The end result is even more forgiveness and a truer roll than in previous models, helping you approach each putt with confidence. The tour-proven 2-Ball alignment device, meanwhile, teams up with the weighted alignment wings to boost your accuracy on the green. Finally, the putter includes a textured impact zone on the face, which helps clearly define the sweet spot. Other details include a double-bend shaft, a full-shaft offset, a 3-degree loft, and a 71-degree lie. The White Hot XG 2-Ball F7 putter is available with your choice of 33-, 34-, or 35-inch shaft.

Odyssey White Hot XG 2-Ball F7 Putter – Product Description:

The Odyssey White Hot XG 2-Ball Putters utilize a multi-layer insert for phenomenal performance on the greens. The legendary 2-Ball alignment system allows golfers to move easily up their putts on the intended target line for a higher level of accuracy. The White Hot XG insert was inspired by high-performance, multi-layer golf ball technology and takes two materials with different properties and combines them to take feedback and feel to exceptional levels. The unique 2-Ball F7 Putter features the addition of high-density wings that take stability to an all-new high.

Product Features :

1. Sleek putter with extended mallet head and weighted alignment wings
2. Multilayer White Hot XG insert provides premium feel and responsiveness
3. Textured impact zone improves feel and clearly defines sweet spot
4. 2-Ball putter alignment system helps boost aim and accuracy
5. 3-degree loft; available with 33-, 34-, or 35-inch shaft; 2-year warranty

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