Nike SQ Sumo² Hybrid – Product Description:

Ever been stuck with more than 200 yards to the green and a tough lie? All alone, in the middle of the rough? Nike introduces the SQ Sumo Hybrid, a marvel of science (geometry in particular) to stand beside you in the most difficult situations.

SQ Sumo2 Hybrid Profile
A square head design, a generous offset, and extreme perimeter weighting make this Nike Golf’s highest MOI hybrid ever. It is designed to deliver exceptional stability at impact and produce high-launching, soft-landing shots.

Nike PowerBow Weighting
The square Nike PowerBow design strategically positions weight low and to the perimeter. The resulting high MOI and low GC produce a very forgiving and stable head at impact.

Variable Cryo Steel Face
The lightweight face is thicker in the middle and progressively thinner at the edges, resulting in a more consistent ball speed, maximum distance, and increased forgiveness across the clubface.


Loft: 17 degrees
Lie: 58-1/2 degrees
Graphite Length: 40-1/4 inches
Women’s Graphite Length: 39-1/4 inches

The SQ Sumo Hybrid features a hDiamana high-launch graphite shaft by Mitsubishi. This lightweight shaft designed specifically for the SUMO2 Hybrid. It promotes an increase in club head speed and high ball flight.

Nike SQ Sumo² Hybrid – Product Description:

The new SasQuatch SUMO² Hybrid features a powerful new square geometry to deliver the HIGHEST MOI in golf at 5300 g cm². SUMO² stands for Super Moment of Inertia Squared. To achieve this radical geometry, Nike utilizes a multi-material construction with a composite crown to save weight vs. a conventional titanium crown. The SUMO² is the ultimate driver for distance, forgiveness, and accuracy. – SUper MOment of Inertia Squared (SUMO²): Highest MOI = 5300 g cm², by utilizing a multimaterial construction and radical square geometry, this driver delivers superior forgiveness and greater distance. -New Nike PowerBow design: Radical square design increases MOI for superior forgiveness and greater distance. Max Back CG: The SUMO² Nike PowerBow geometry moves the CG further back and lower than the original SasQuatch driver.

Product Features :

1. The straightest and most accurate driver
2. This has a deeper face, a convex crown, and redefined body shaping to increase ball speed and accuracy
3. Weight is repositioned to the farthest corners optimizing head stability and delivering ultimate accuracy
4. The entire face is optimized to maximize faster ball speeds from every point on the face
5. The shape is pushed in all directions to improve perfomance

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