It does have a graphite shaft, which is already a deal there even if you put a new head and grip on it. The grip is a cheap knockoff but with a good glove it works pretty good. The head is the only real issue.

Although I have not experienced a problem with it yet I can not tell how durable it is and whether it is a titanium head, although it hasn’t dented or changed while playing so I am hoping it is and will be fine.

You will very pleased with the feel of this beast and the way it hits the ball. Compared to other older drivers this is by far superior. It has a huge club face and delivers some sweet hits.

It’s a little heavier than some big-headed clubs, a stiff shaft might have been better than the regular stiffness that this club has. Also, 10 degree loft might have been better to hit pretty high. Despite that, you can hit the ball longer and more consistently. The hook is totally out of play. So you can adjust your aim and fire away without fear of the ball going left. You will feel happy with with the TEC’s performance and for the price.

The club is great for being under $40. The grip on the club easily fixed by wearing a glove. It easily hits 250-275 yards. Over all its a great club, feels nice, hits a little soft, and has a lot of bend in the shaft, but makes for a really nice club to start out on.

This club is made in China, if that’s an issue for you. We’d also recommend getting a cover for it.