First, You will have doubt that a white putter would make a difference on the green. It does! We tested the white putter head-to-head against the dark colored putter. Amazing! You van see a great difference. A far clearer view of the front of the putter and its position next to the ball. Dramatically clearer.

Next, what about the three black sight lines on the top of the Corza? Remarkable! The slightest tip of the head and you can clearly see whether the face is opened or closed. You shouldn’t waste your time with the blade version that is due out in stores soon. The three sight lines are better than the one you will apparently get with the blade version.

And next, the mallet shaping of CORZA GHOST is the perfect format. The photos of the blade version of this putter that is to come out — different from the all white “core classics” version that is currently available at some outlets. Placing a round “bubble” on the back of a blade makes no sense to me.

You will be astonished at how quietly solid the CORZA GHOST is when making contact during the putting stroke — especially on long putts! More solid than any blade and even more solid than Odyssey’s two-ball counterparts. Putting guru, Dave Stockton’s video remarks of Rossa’s new CORZA GHOST PUTTER are great. Stockton’s praise for this putter is really true. Go out and try it for yourself.