Look it, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on set of expensive clubs were you pay 20% just for the name on the side that matches your favorite golfer on TV using those clubs,(of course they are using those clubs because they are being paid to use them)and you want a good quality set where your not wasting your money later regretting the purchase, these are simply the clubs for you!

If you are inquiring about these clubs then your obviously not a scratch golfer and like most, want something to improve your game and also have a quality set to depend on.

The irons and the quality of these clubs are awesome. A beautiful stainless steel jacket on the head that has excellent balance and weight, not to mention they are quite striking to look at.(though you will soon be roughing them up on the course hopefully!)They look a lot like Taylor Made Burner irons.

The two Hybrids are beautiful and well made. The driver is out of this world. For the price, they offer these awesome irons, two hybrids and then you get to the two woods. The 460cc titanium driver rocks! End of story. It adds 20 to 30 yards to the distance of your drive. But, more importantly it can give straight drives where before they would hook and slice. You also get a 3 wood as well. Just as nice. Of course you get an equally awesome wedge along with a really nice well made putter. The head covers come with the bag

The bag is really nice. The quality of the combination of irons, woods, hybrids, putter and bag for the ridiculous low price! The bag is full of pockets, you will not need more room and has great looks.

You are essentially getting a garage sale price would be tiny flaws that you have to squint to see were the forging is done and maybe some microscopic swirl marks on the black finish of the woods and hybrids but again, you really have to stick it up to your eyeball to see it.

In summary, this set is a freaking steal! Great quality, can improve your game to the greatest levels. Beautiful to look at, great feel, great quality and overall the best deal I’ve been involved with in quite some time. If your name is not on the 500 golfers in the world, then we recommend this set highly!