This set of clubs is great for kids. This is fine for young kids. They are good quality and are very pleased.

The quality of the clubs far exceeds the expectation and the price is great! You can find righty junior golf club sets, but it’s much harder to find leftys. Amazon purchase can make it easy.

These Clubs are very nice clubs for someone tall enough to use them. They appear to be very well made. The stand bag is excellent, and overall a great value. The bag looks sturdy enough and easy to carry even for the 6 year old. It looks like a good inexpensive way to get kids started on the game.

Unfortunately, if your child is slightly short you will feel that they’re much too long. They are too long for a 4 year old is a big problem. The children can’t even choke down on the grip enough because the end of the grip hits your child’s chest when the child tries to swing. To avoid this problem you should pay more attention to the lengths of the clubs, even though they mentioned that the product is for ages 4-7 in the description.