These golf balls are perfect for the new golfer. This is a great deal. The balls are very clean, mostly. Most of the balls are pretty similar in quality. It is highly recommendable for those who don’t want to spend $3 per ball. Great value.

You will love these nike tour golf balls after trying them. These are the perfect answer if you lose balls constantly or want to practice hitting real balls instead of range balls. They are not range balls but used ones fished out of a lake or something. 3/4 of the balls are good enough to use on the course while the other 1/4 are a little chewed up. This price can’t be beat for 60 balls of this quality in my opinion.

All 60 balls arrived as promised and none of them were unplayable. On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being brand new and 5 being unplayable, about 40 of the balls are a 2 (just used), 9 are a 3 (used heavily but no gouges or cracks) and one is a 4 (minor cuts and scratches).

You will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of the balls and some of them as the company logos on some of these balls are from companies that are no more…

The bag doesn’t have any unusable balls. It is recommendable for the beginner Golfers.

One thing for caution if you do order these balls, biggest advice is that you had to call customer service to get it squared away. The balls were sent right out and that was the end of the issue but just make sure you get what you are paying for.