Medicus Men’s Maximus Hittable Weighted Driver – Product Description:

The new Medicus Maximus¿ line is designed to help golfers improve their swing speed and accuracy and plays an important part in helping Camilo Villegas maintain his powerful golf game. Villegas possesses the ability to truly crush the ball by creating the kind of power that ranks him with the best in power hitting on Tour. Now, you can create power in your swing when you practice with this hittable weighted swing trainer. The proprietary weighting provides a soft “Real Club” feel, and lets the user actually hit balls on the range. With balancing to feel just like their own clubs, users can go right from the range to the course with an improved swing! With our “Inertial/Weight Shift”, users develop a proper wrist cock/wrist release, building “Pro-Like” distance. This product comes in two different flexes for men and standard for women.

Product Features :

1. Non-hinged weighted driver for men
2. Get instant feedback and watch proper ball flight while you practice
3. Develops the golf muscles for strength and accuracy
4. Inertial Weight Shift teaches the proper swing plane, leading to dramatic distance and accuracy improvements
5. Soft Weighting System keeps you on plane and in tempo with every swing

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