The club has a beautiful appearance, it is ideal for petit persons. It has a complete set for all situations, even for bunkers. Bag has enough pockets as a golfer wants. 460cc driver let to shot without loosing control, so its weight is appropriate. It is easy to habituate to irons. It will take a short time to handle woods.

The club heads/shafts/grips appear to be of decent quality, and should provide a consistent base to learn. The grips are not too skinny or hard, and will provide good feel, without having to hold too firmly.

The only complaint is with the alignment of the grips – usually most grips, especially for non-pro sets will have a marking for aligning your thumbs/hands.

In the case of these clubs, most of the grips were out of alignment, so that if you lined up based on the grip, the face is either a little open or a little closed. Not a big deal since the kid needs to learn to grip based on alignment of the head at address, and not simply trust a marking on the grip!

So, this is OK for woods/irons which have circular (cross-section) grips. It is a different story with the putter which has a countoured grip. The misalignment here is going to cause trouble.