3′ x 5′ Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Mat FREE Golf Ball Tray, FREE Balls and FREE Tees With Every Order – Product Description:

Dura-Pro Golf Mats are the #1 mat in golf! Our family has been in the golf mat business for 12 years! We know golf mats! Dura-Pro Plus Golf Mats are MADE IN THE USA of only the finest quality materials! In order for a golf mat to pass the Dura-ProTM quality test. It MUST start with quality materials! We NEVER simply cut up remnants of random quality or “rejects” and try to pass them off as quality workmanship. Dura-Pro Mats are ONLY made of 100% Nylon – NO POLY MATS HERE! Dura-Pro Golf Mats are always in stock so we can get them to you quickly! We don’t simply “cut them on site” – The Dura-Pro Factory makes them from start to finish! Dura-Pro Golf Mats OUT LAST every mat on the market! For 12 years Dura-Pro Plus Golf Mats have out-sold the competition! Dura-Pro Golf Mats out last all other golf mats in quality, price and delivery! IF IT DOES NOT SAY DURA-PRO IT’S NOT DURA-PRO QUALITY! Indoor / Outdoor. Safe for use on hard surfaces. Color fast – will not stain clubs. Absorbs club shock (5/8″ thick). Outstanding feel with Real Feel Technology. 100% Knitted Nylon (not woven) & composite fibers. Dura-Pro Golf Mats will not delaminate! Resists tears, fading, curling and separation. Heavy industrial bonded for years of use (NOT Glued!). Dura-Pro Plus Nylon Tough Turf is 30% more dense than the other residential mats. Includes 2 Rubber Tees & 1 Adjustable Friction Tee Holder. 2 Tee Holes (for right or left handers). Remember to rotate your golf mat periodically to promote even wear over time! Warranty information will be included with your golf mat. Residential mats may be used with woods, drivers and irons (rubber tees are recommended for golfers with lower skill levels). Residential mats may be used with irons and wedges for chipping. Residential mats are not recommended for commercial settings. For full swing down and through shots to simulate taking a divot, it is recommended to use one of our commercial mats.

Product Features :

1. Indoor / Outdoor. Absorbs Club Shock. Outstanding Feel With Real Feel Technology. Our Mats Are MADE IN THE USA.
2. Dura-Pro Golf Mats are industrial bonded then thermally welded to prevent delamination. (NOT GLUED)
3. Dura-Pro Golf Mats are rated #1 by consumers. Warranty with 8 Year UV Protection!
4. Dura-Pro Tough Turf is 30% more dense than other golf mats.

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