Bali, known as the ‘island of the gods’ is located in Indonesia and is the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands.  Even if you have never been to Bali, you are sure to have seen images online or on television of this dream destination.  The scenery is spectacular and so is the golf.

If you want sandy beaches, mountains, rugged coastline, rice terraces, volcanic hills, spiritual enlightenment and a unique culture, Bali will not disappoint.  This Indonesian province has it all and you could spend months enjoying the scenery, people, food and golf.

If you are planning on playing golf in Bali, expect hot temperatures throughout the year and pack shorts for the golf course.  The dry season is between April and September so this is the best time to visit if you do not want the odd interruption to your round because of rain.

Golf in Bali

When travelling to Bali from outside the country of Indonesia, you will land at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport via either Jakarta, the capital city or one of several other Asian destinations.  This makes it a great place to enjoy a twin destination golf holiday with Thailand or Malaysia for example.

Playing golf in Bali is fantastic and you have several golf courses to play during your stay on the island.  You could begin at New Kuta Golf, which is only 20 minutes from the airport and a great place to play immediately having touched down.  The views from this links style golf course are incredible, with the Indian Ocean stretching into the distance and the limestone rock and white cliffs making for a tremendous backdrop to a round of golf.

However, this is just one of six golf courses on offer and when playing golf in Bali you should try and sample as many as time allows.

From the coast to the mountains and Handara Golf Resort Bali is set in the crater of an extinct volcano.  The setting is something special and the fact this golf course is some way from the major tourist spots in Bali tells you everything you need to know.  Surrounded by the highlands of Bali, you will struggle to find a superior setting for a round of golf anywhere in the world than Handara Golf Resort Bali.

Heading back towards the coast and battling Handara Golf Resort for the title of best golf course in Bali is Bali National Golf Club.  Designed by Robin Nelson and Rodney Wright, the course which once hosted the Asian Dunhill Masters has been renovated and being on the southern tip of the island, it is very easy in terms of travel as many of the top hotels are nearby.

You will be reaching for your camera as views of the Indian Ocean frame the front nine holes but the same is true for every golf course in Bali.  Playing golf in Bali is not only about enjoying a great round of golf, it is the overall experience and is sure to be something you will never forget.