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Golfers Tournament Club

Anytime, Anywhere Golf Tournaments Aim To Energize Golf Industry

Steve Wiley 480-280-4489 steve.wiley@golferstournamentclub.com SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA October 2014 – A new upstart, Golfers Tournament Club, is going live online this month with an innovative anytime, anywhere golf tournament format. It's no secret that golf needs a good dose of energy to fend...
Golf Masters Tickets

The Tradition of the Masters

The Masters Tournament is unlike many other golf tournaments in that it is steeped in extra tradition. While each of the major championships has its own set of expectations, there is nothing like the Masters. For that reason, if...
Golf Shaft

Watch the Greatest Players in Golf Compete at the FedEx Cup

The FedEx Cup is a season-long playoff system for professional golfers that was first introduced in 2007 in order to continue generating fan support for the sport even after the last major of the year. The winner is determined...
Synthetic Putting Greens

Awesome Debut of Grand Luxxe Invitational Golf Tournament

The Grand Luxxe Invitational golf tournament held last month, truly lived up to the expectations. A friend of mine who witnessed the tournament and course was at a loss for superlatives to describe the entire event. This tournament held...
PGA Tour Stats

How the New Generation Fans are Getting Engaged with PGA Tour

For years now, the PGA tour and the related media have leveraged the technology to get the audience more engaged with the tour. The fans are also more aware and they are looking for more information and more interactive...

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