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Golf Advice That Can Drastically Improve Your Score

Golf is a subject that alot of people find very difficult. This is only true if you don't know proper strategies for golfing. As with most sports, when it comes to golf...the more you know, the more you can...
The Best Time of Day to Play Golf

When is the Best Time of Day to Play Golf?

The best time of day to play golf ultimately depends on what you are trying to achieve. Are you looking to save money on golf or avoid the crowds? There are a number of moving factors we should consider...

Searching for the Perfect Golf Swing: One “Swing Thought” at a Time

By Jack Nickerson Tips for those searching for the perfect golf swing One "Swing Thought" at a Time In their continuing search for the perfect golf swing, many golfers clutter their mind with many "swing thoughts". "Keep your head down", "drag...
How to Play Golf

Creating Lag and Mastering That Monster Swing

Any golf aficionado that plays golf on a regular basis, looks for new ways to improve his game. They look for new ways to hit the golf ball further, while having better aim with a smooth swing. If this...
Are Online Golf Videos Beneficial to Your Game

Are Online Golf Videos Beneficial to Your Game?

The season of top golfers launching golf DVDs is back, top names are regularly launching their DVDs and are making big bucks. However, several experts argue that such golf videos are not as beneficial as live training, due to...

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