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Creating Lag and Mastering That Monster Swing

Any golf aficionado that plays golf on a regular basis, looks for new ways to improve his game. They look for new ways to hit the golf ball further, while having better aim with a smooth swing. If this...
Are Online Golf Videos Beneficial to Your Game

Are Online Golf Videos Beneficial to Your Game?

The season of top golfers launching golf DVDs is back, top names are regularly launching their DVDs and are making big bucks. However, several experts argue that such golf videos are not as beneficial as live training, due to...
Simple Golf Swing Tips

Choosing a Brand Name Club for Beginners

So, you just started to play golf. All of your new golf buddies in Hilton Head have told you that you don’t really need to drop a load of money on a new set of shiny, name brand golf...
Top Golf Downswing Tips

Golf Swing Exercises – Tips for Practicing

It's no great revelation, but the most effective method to perfect your golf swing is practice, practice practice. Your shot will only be successful only if it is perfectly done and aiming in the right direction. This is why...
Senior Golf Tips

Fitness Tips for Seniors Playing Golf

No matter how skilled you once were, fitness will have a direct impact on your ability to maintain your handicap as you age. Everyone loses flexibility as they age; and rotational flexibility is one of the key components of...
Top Golf Downswing Tips

Top Golf Downswing Tips

Without any doubt the downswing is the most important part of the golf swing. Golf articles about Golf tips for beginners, takeaway, stance, follow-through and backswing are in abundance, but it might not be easier to locate an article, such...
Simple Golf Swing Tips

Basic Golf Swing Tips

Are you having trouble with the basic golf tips? Even though it may seem easy, it is more difficult than you may think. Basic golf tips should be simple, straightforward and repeatable. The more you think about your swing the...
The Best Time of Day to Play Golf

When is the Best Time of Day to Play Golf?

The best time of day to play golf ultimately depends on what you are trying to achieve. Are you looking to save money on golf or avoid the crowds? There are a number of moving factors we should consider...
Golf Investment

Ask Anything About Golf

It is imperative that knowing the basics of golf is a key element in excelling in this beautiful game. Several people have a belief that having branded clubs and the best equipment will make them a better golf. The...
Improve Your Golf

How to Prepare Yourself for a Golf Game

By Kevin Hutto Before you go to a golf course, it's important that you are in the mood to play the game. Even if you're already physically prepared to play a round, but aren't up to it mentally, you're going...

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