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Tips to Improve Your Golf

3 Tips for Improving Your Golf Game

Are you the type of person who frequents the golf stores in Hilton Head, perusing around the store and looking at all of the neat gear and accessories that you can buy, only to retreat back to your home...
Golf Investment

Hartford Group International Looking to Invest in the Golf Industry

We continue to closely track the latest happenings in the golf world, though it is more about the tournaments, leaderboards and new courses than the business and financial part of the Industry. It goes without saying that golf is...
Synthetic Putting Greens

The Technology of Lifelike Practice Turf

Artificial turf is not a new concept as it has been in use since the 1960s; it was first produced by Chemstrand Company as a surfacing material to imitate grass. Today it is widely used for the play areas of...
Plan a Golf Vacation with the Family

Planning a Golf Vacation With the Family

In my previous article I wrote about planning a golf vacation in general. This article is more specific and is about planning a family friendly golf vacation. A vacation for the whole family can often end as a nightmare; the...
Planning a Golf Vacation

Planning a Golf Vacation

Regular golfers often grow tired of the local courses near home. It is quite natural because there are only a few courses in every city/state. Playing golf for years in the same course can take away the adventure out...
Synthetic Putting Greens

Advantages of Synthetic Turfs & Putting Greens

Synthetic Practice putting greens are mini golf course that you can install anywhere; it can even be installed indoors if you have sufficient space in your home. If you are an avid golfer and want to improve your putting...
Perssonalized Golf Balls

Advantages of Custom Imprinting on Golf Balls

Golf is evolving like any other sport and today people prefer teeing up a custom imprinted golf balls over the usual plain while golf ball. Anything can be custom imprinted, from names to business logos and so on. However...
Golf Swing

Golf Photography: Capturing The Action

Inviting clients to a day of golf is a favorite corporate event. Corporate events can be tickets to one of the big golf tournaments where clients and company employees can mingle in a great atmosphere and form not only business contacts,...
Golf in Sweeden

Golf and Entertainment in Sweeden

We traveled to Sweden last week for a holiday and were surprised at the quality of Golf courses in Sweeden. I have always wondered how Sweden has made a name for itself in the golf arena. Being close to the north pole, the summers...
US Open History

History of the US Open

The USopen golf is the second of several annual major world of golf championships, at the PGA and american Tours, presented by america Golf Association on a yearly basis in mid-June, the position with the final round that'll take...

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