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Tips to Choose Suitable Sets of Used Golf Clubs For Beginners

If you a beginner at playing golf, you should probably not buy a new golf club set immediately, since you may find out that you don’t like the game that much after all.

How to Choose The Best Golf Clubs & Equipments for Discounted Price

If you want to find the best discounts on golf equipment, then you probably already know that the best deals aren’t very easy to find. Golf equipment is always very expensive and can sometimes be absolutely ridiculous.

Different Types of Golf Careers That Can Make You to Live Your Dream Life

A golf career sounds like an exciting and glamorous dream to many who love the sport. However, it is more accessible than you may believe. According to a 2005 study by Golf Digest, there are over 35,000 golf courses currently operating worldwide, over half located in the United States.
Golf Shoes For Men

The Right Golf Shoes For Men

It has long been considered that golf is a game of traditions and style, which I believe should be upheld. Recent years have seen a shift towards more modern, casual dress and this is no more apparent than in the...
Golf in Sweeden

Golf and Entertainment in Sweeden

We traveled to Sweden last week for a holiday and were surprised at the quality of Golf courses in Sweeden. I have always wondered how Sweden has made a name for itself in the golf arena. Being close to the north pole, the summers...

Things to Look Out for, While Choosing Golf Clubs for A Particular Game

The most important part of playing a game of golf is choosing the right club. Even if your stroke technique leaves something to be desired, if you choose the right club you can often compensate for this.

How to Buy Inexpensive But Best Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs are some of the most expensive accessories to buy when it comes to sporting goods. However, there is no reason why they should be this way.

Odyssey White Steel Tri-Ball SRT Putter

Odyssey White Steel Tri-Ball SRT Putter - Product Description: The Tri-Ball putter is a hyper-extended mallet with a single-bend shaft, a half-shaft offset and Saturn Ring Technology. With a higher MOI for a straighter back and through stroke, and a...

How to Select Your Golf School Based on Your Criteria?

There are many criteria to selecting the school that is worthy of the investment, and this is not an exhaustive list. However, consider these to get you focused on what is important to you.
Best Golf Gifts

The Holiday Season is Here: What to Get For Your Favorite Golfer?

You can now feel the holiday mood everywhere, and it goes without saying that you would want to make that special person in your life happy during this holiday season. It doesn't matter if that special person is a...

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