Bushnell Tour V2 Slope Edition Rangefinder with Pinseeker Review

The Bushnell Tour V2 has advanced the accuracy and quickness of operation quite well. This is the easiest little golf rangefinder you can buy! It is so easy to use.

Review of Iron Gloves 3-SW Neoprene Iron Covers

They fit nice and tight, stretching over the iron head just like a wetsuit (only not really WET, of course). These are made of high quality neoprene, just like a wetsuit for windsurfing, back in the day.

Review of Haas-Jordan 68-Inch Hurricane 345 Tour Plus Umbrella, Black/White

From spine tip straight across to the opposite spine tip is 59"; mid-panel edge to opposite edge is 54". Folded length is 42.5".

Callaway Ball Diablo Golf Balls (12-Pack) – Review

These balls are GREAT off the tee. These things can easily add 10-15 yards to your drive. If you make contact with these little guys they will FLY.

Review of Top Flite Feel Cadet Men’s Golf Gloves – (Left Hand, X-large)

This glove will get beat up after a bunch of rounds, but my four TF Feel Cadet gloves haven't torn or ripped. They still do what they are supposed to do with comfort, but the are few complaints that they look worn out.

GolfLogix Garmin GPS Review

The unit is very accurate. You have to make sure you get readings while you have an open sky, otherwise trees nearby could distort distance values.

Review of uPro Golf GPS by Callaway Golf

uPro has got some good points and some bad, especially one that is from a brand new company.

GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella Review

The 43-inch GustBuster is much lighter weight and easier to hold on a windy day, no problems at all with flipping. You may not feel like the umbrella blown around by the wind.

Review of Club Glove Burst Proof With Wheels 2 Mocha

This is a huge travel golf bag - it can hold the largest of stand or club bags with ease. Clubs are safe and happy no matter what the airlines can dish out.

Wilson Golf Bag Tag/Score Keeper Review

This works well. It is very easy to use and the display shows up well. It does what it advertises. however, it is very easy to accidentally bump the thing and reset your score.

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