It has long been considered that golf is a game of traditions and style, which I believe should be upheld.

Recent years have seen a shift towards more modern, casual dress and this is no more apparent than in the golf shoe market.

Many golf shoes now appear in designs that you would associate more with gymnasiums or tennis courts. These new modern, casual golf shoes are not to my taste. I feel they do not belong on a golf course and in some instances certainly don’t match up to the quality and smart appearance of the golf clothing that is available on the market.

Thankfully, not all of the manufacturers have gone down this route and still produce and sell luxury, high quality golf shoes for men.

A highly polished black golf shoe looks far more professional paired with a neatly pressed pair of golf trousers and a smart polo shirt, all color coded of course.

Now I am not saying that the modern day shoe is not comfortable or indeed moe technically advanced with the use of high tech materials and lightweight soles etc.

But with the advancement of technology I do not understand why the manufacturers are abandoning the classical, luxury look golf shoes that have graced many a green and locker room.

The traditional golfer still wants to have the option of turning up on the first tee with a pair of luxury hand made men’s golf shoes in which they can see their reflection. The feel when you slip on luxury is amazing you can really tell the difference and so can your feet after a long round. A high quality luxury golf shoe feels like your favorite slipper and looks good too.

For those that like to add a bit of pizzazz to their wardrobe, a hand made pair of luxury golf shoes allows you the option to customize your design and your outfits accordingly.

As for color I find that black golf shoes look the best and they seem to suit my eye better when it comes to lining up. I love the shine of the toe of the shoe as the sun beats down.