This year, as always, TaylorMade has come out with two distinctively different spins on some of their best selling drivers to date. The dual this year will be between the TaylorMade R9 SuperTri and the Burner SuperFast. We will take a look at both how they differ from last year’s models and what sort of performance you should expect out of the two latest TaylorMade drivers.

Having honors on the tee box is the TaylorMade R9 SuperTri an upgraded version of last year’s R9 driver. TaylorMade is now marketing the new R9 SuperTri is the world’s most optimized driver and in many aspects they may very well be correct. TaylorMade has broken the mold on giving individuals the opportunity to optimize their driver by any means necessary. This driver has the ability to take the club head from 2° close to 2° open, you can also move weights around in order to put more mass at the toe, heel or in the center of the club. These adjustments allow you to configure the driver for your natural swing whether that be a hook, slice or bombing it right down the middle of the fairway. This allows you to alter the clubs optimization to turn the ball up to 75 yards left of the target line or right of target line while also giving you additional control over trajectory. With a sleek black on black look combined with a 460 cc club head the TaylorMade R9 SuperTri truly is the driver of the future.

Next up is the TaylorMade Burner SuperFast. The Taylormade Burner has been a huge hit over the past several years becoming known as one of the greatest combinations of distance and forgiveness that this company has put out. The burner superfast has an aggressively shaped club head to reduce wind drag, increase club head speed and give you more distance off the tee. The ultra thin wall technology allows for weight to be distributed towards the back of the club and made it so that Taylormade could release a driver with the largest club face possible. Long story short the more clubface, the more forgiving the club. What TaylorMade refers to as an inverted cone technology allows the Burner Superfast to maximize the distance you get from off center hits.

Out and out the TaylorMade has gone out of their way to see or to provide high performing high-quality drivers that will shatter the competition. Be the first on your block to put either the TaylorMade R9 SuperTri or Burner SuperFast in your bag.

Product Features :

  • Dual Crown Technology that lowers the CG position
  • Inverted Cone Technology for long distance on off-center hits
  • 46 1/4″ RE*AX 49 gram graphite shaft
  • Super-stable high MOI head design
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