Regular golfers often grow tired of the local courses near home. It is quite natural because there are only a few courses in every city/state. Playing golf for years in the same course can take away the adventure out of the game as one will know every contours of the course in the back of their mind. Planning a golf vacation is the right thing to do to improve your golf and to confront new golfing challenges. This article is about tips to plan a successful golf vacation.

1. Opt for mid-week deals:

Planning a Golf VacationIt comes without saying that most golf courses around the world charge higher fees on weekends and during holiday period. Planning a mid-week vacation can cut your expenses by more than 50%. You can find great deals including hotels, commutation and golf courses. In addition to lower expenses, this will also give you a better golfing experience as you will get better tee times.

2. Avoid last minute deals:

Unlike other trips and vacations where last minute deals are available aplenty, golf vacations usually aren’t so. It is always better to plan your vacation well in advance for getting the best deals from the hotels and the course.

3. Check out the hotel or resort before booking:

Before you pay the deposit and book a hotel, check out the hotel and its facilities. With the tremendous growth of YouTube, you have access to the videos and visuals of most hotels and resorts of the world. Most of the resorts have their own YouTube channels like this Checking the videos of the official channel of a resort and the golf course can give you a better picture of what you are about to experience. Make sure you check the cancellation policy before booking, because several courses will require a cancellation notice at least before 1 business day.

4. Traveling as a group:

If you are travelling as a group then check for group packages. It is also important to give the golf course and advance notice of about your group travel and the number people in your group. Golf courses allot a specific tee time for your group if you tell them in advance.

5. Lookout for Vacation Packages:

Several golf courses are run by top resorts, these resorts offer vacation packages. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone or with your family, these packages can make your life easy as you need not worry about planning your entire vacation. If you travel as a family then these resorts offer other add-on services like spa, entertainment shows, Kids club and so on. Opting for  vacation package can save you a lot of money.

There are very few who can plan better than a good golfer. Plan you trip well, have fun.