In my previous article I wrote about planning a golf vacation in general. This article is more specific and is about planning a family friendly golf vacation. A vacation for the whole family can often end as a nightmare; the following are the tips to make your golf vacation with your family a complete success.

1. Identify the right resort:

Whenever you take your family along with you on a vacation, you should make sure the resort you choose is family friendly. There should be alternative entertainment options available like tennis courts, shopping opportunity or recreations centers. Even if your family members have no interest in golf, they too can enjoy the vacation thoroughly.

2. Use Social Network for research:

Plan a Golf Vacation with the FamilyThe world today is a global village, and you can connect with people from every part of the world via the social network sites. While you plan a trip, check out the social network sites for more information about the destination. Most resorts will have their own Facebook fan pages or twitter handles, check the fan pages for current information and updates. This will help you in getting a good deal, event updates, and to know the views of the members of the resort. For example the fan page of Vida Vacations will give you all the information you need about the resorts, members and current events. You can also get to know the opinions of the visitors and members of the resort from the official page.

3. Possibility of a Golf Academy:

Most of the new golf resorts today offer good golf training facilities. They offer scientific golf coaching and golf boot camps, these facilities are available for every age group and skill level. If any of your family members are interested in golf, but don’t know how to play it then they can opt for these camps and learn the game in a professional way. Even expert golfers can fine-tune their skills by opting for these camps. For example, the resorts of Vidatanta group has Jack Nicklaus training academy offering top notch golf training facilities personally designed by the great golfer Jack Nicklaus.

4. Buy or Rent Junior gears:

If your children are interested in golf, then it is better to buy a junior golf gear, it is very portable and you can carry it around. However if you don’t want the hassle of carrying it around, then you can rent junior golf gears from the resorts. Most resorts rent junior golf gears, however check it before you make the booking.

5. Plan for the climate:

When you opt for a golf vacation in a different country, plan for the climatic conditions. For example Sri Lanka is an excellent golf destination, however the climate is too hot and humid. One will lose a lot of body fluid and even risk sun stroke if not prepared. So carry good amount of bottled water, get your shots for local insect bites and also carry a hat. A long day of walking in the golf course can be fun if you are fully prepared.

6. Plan your tee times

If you travel as a family then you would know that your spouse and kids can take a lot of time for  getting ready, so plan plan your tee times considering these delays. Make sure to reach the course at least thirty minutes before your planned tee time.