Golf Swing

Need help with your short game? Want to increase your driver distance? Check out this ingenious little device ti.ttle:

Hole 9, par 4, third stroke, 30 yards to the pin. Before you step up to strike the ball, you take a few practice swipes. Swing one, ti.ttle shows 52 yards. Too long. Swing two, 17 yards. Too soft. Swing three, 29 yards. Go for it! With ti.ttle on your club, you know how your swing would do before you hit the ball.

With ti.ttle on your club, you can choose the best swing before you strike the ball. ti.ttle is a wearable golf swing analyzer that mounts on your club. It senses your practice swing without the ball and calculates the carry distance and various attributes of your shots as though you actually hit the ball.  Aside from helping you with these short games situations, ti.ttle allows you to practice your swing anywhere anytime.

Like a flight simulator helps pilots train without flying a plane, ti.ttle makes it possible for golfers to hone their game by getting the real-time feedback on the results of each practice swing. This allows you to practice your swing in the comfort of your home.

Also, ti.ttle connects via Bluetooth to your smart phone’s GPS and functions as a e-caddie on the course, pinpointing the distance left to the hole.

ti.ttle is a compact and powerful smart device that helps your game at practice and out on the course.

Help for your short game