A mobile application for golfers and golf courses is nothing new or ground breaking. As there are quite a few mobile apps for golfers already, and most of these apps tend to focus on acquiring good number of users first and then on developing a business/service model. However Jason Pearsall, the co-founder of the mobile app Golfler, and his team had a diametrically opposite approach towards developing the app.

The mobile app is still under development and expected to hit market by June 2015, however we had an opportunity to have a sneak peak of the beta version, and we are thoroughly impressed. This app is truly head and shoulders above the others available in the market. It hits the bulls-eye in all the areas, where the conventional apps fail to make an impression. Please visit Golfler.com to know more about the app

For instance, let us consider the specific case of food delivery enabled by a golf app; most vendors sell their golf apps for thousands of dollars to the golf courses, and they haven’t yet figured out how to efficiently deliver the food to the golfers’ location. Jason Pearsall and team, tackled this issue by linking golfers with golf courses. That is a symbiotic relationship and both the golfer and the courses will get to benefit by that move.

Golfler - App Review

Golfler – Benefits for golfers:

The app provides free access to the GPS, weather updates and the ability to communicate with the course through the message center. However the real highlight is, it offers delivery to a golfer’s present location. The app can influence the game of a golfer directly, as it offers an ultra-efficient GPS to track the distance accurately. The app’s important module enables the course to track each user’s ‘pace of play’; this can play a key role in promptly responding to messages and eliminating bottlenecks. The app will also have access to the course’s kitchen, so the golfer need not waste his time waiting for food and can focus on his game instead.

In a nutshell Golfler is a free mobile app that provides players with a more enjoyable golf experience.

Golfer – Benefits for courses:

The Golfler App has high potential. Golfler Holdings out of Detroit, MI has developed an application that has the ability to replace each and everyone of your other Golf Apps. I was dissapointed to trade my beta release in but will be one of the first downloads this June. “We are excited to see Golfler expand aggressively throughout the United States. We have established regional partners across the country as far west as Colorado and Arizona and we look forward to Golfler’s expansion this June,” said Joesph Kish, Golfler’s Vice President of Communications.

We believe that Golfler is the best app to be released to golfers to date. You can check the app’s interface here https://www.flinto.com/p/a5144f65 I’ve learned to check it daily as it seems like they are constantly working at it.