Golf Guide For Parents And Players: Secrets Of Success For Junior And College Golf, The Pro Tour And Beyond – Product Description:

Secrets of success for Junior and College Golf, Professional Tour and Beyond. Jack Nicklaus recommended. Millions of players are getting into golf all over the world. Golf offers unparalleled opportunities -world travel, money for college, great career choices. Plus: friendships, character and a lifetime of enjoyment. However young players sometimes suffer burnout, injury, and other specific problems, ruining their love of the game and desires to keep playing.

Whether your player is 2 or 18, just starting, has played some golf, or is already a champion – this book will provide a chockfull of practical answers and new ideas. Whether you are a player, a golf playing parent or a parent curious about golf, this book will empower you to get the most out of the game – leading you down some amazing fairways, teeing up some big dreams, and driving you toward an exhilarating golfing life.

Product Features :

1. How to motivate golf players to go back, practice after practice.
2. When to focus exclusively on golf.
3. Save on golf lessons, find golf scholarships and sponsors.
4. How to pursue college golf and a pro career in professional golf.
5. Gain insight into PGA, LPGA, AJGA, golf organizations and agents.
6. Have fun along the way at the best golf camps and golf resorts.

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