Golf in SweedenWe traveled to Sweden last week for a holiday and were surprised at the quality of Golf courses in Sweeden. I have always wondered how Sweden has made a name for itself in the golf arena. Being close to the north pole, the summers are relatively short and it has prolonged winters. However the quality of golf courses in Sweden are unmatched. Though the Swedish golf season lacks in quantity due to long winters, the quality of the golf season is top notch. The mild temperatures, less humidity, and long days often make up for the short summers. Another reason for the Golfing success of Sweden is Annika Sörenstam (one of the most successful female golfing legends ever), the professional golfer hailing from Sweden has made the game more popular among the local population.

Sweden has three types of golf course layouts, they are parkbana, skogsbana and a combination of these two. There are more than 300 courses in Sweden. Sweden is blessed with a huge coastaline and amazing forests and hence provides and ideal topography for golf courses.

We played golf all around the day (days are very long here at this point of the year) and later ventured around to have some other entertainment. There were amazing spas and boating facility, while few of the guys went for boating and fishing. We stayed back and had an ayurvedic massage in a world class spa. The next day two from our team went for cycling along the coastline while we decided to stay back and have some fun. After finishing our breakfast a friend of mine took me to play some poker. We had a great time playing poker in Sweden before packing up and catching our plane to Denmark.