Synthetic Practice putting greens are mini golf course that you can install anywhere; it can even be installed indoors if you have sufficient space in your home. If you are an avid golfer and want to improve your putting game, then practice putting greens are essential for you. With practice putting greens and regular practice one can easily cut down a couple of strokes from your game.

Listed below are some of the major benefits of having your own synthetic turf at home.

  • It can be installed anywhere.
  • Very low maintenance cost.
  • Unlike normal lawn they are weather resistant.
  • They can be pretty close to the look and feel of natural grass.


Synthetic Putting GreensThese synthetic turfs have become quite popular since its development in the early 1960’s; these turfs are widely used for several sports around the world like tennis, baseball, soccer, hockey and so on. With huge improvement in material science artificial turfs can now be engineered to meet all our needs. Artificial putting greens is one of the latest innovations in the synthetic turf industry. The artificial grass can be engineered to such precision that it can feel like real grass with all the benefits of grass and without any of the negative aspects of real grass.

Unlike other synthetic turfs for sports, these putting greens can be installed anywhere, even indoors (in your home or office). Such indoor putting greens will provide the much needed motivation for practicing regularly. This is a proven way to cut down a couple of strokes.

Maintaining a real lawn is a tedious process and takes a lot of your precious time. Artificial turf is a one time investment and can break-even pretty quickly by saving the dollars and time spent on maintenance. It also eliminates the cost associated with water and fertilizers required for the natural turf. The indirect benefit of owning a synthetic turf is the elimination of mowing time which you can spend on improving your game.

Weather resistance is another major advantage. In many parts of the world golf cannot be played all around the year because of unfavorable weather like severe snow or heat. With indoor synthetic turf you can play throughout the year.

The ability to customize the grass is an important factor to improve your game. The grass can be customized based on your desired measurements. We can imitate the best golfing condition by replicating the feel of the desired grass. It is easy to recreate your favorite golf course within your home. With the development in technology it will be hard for anyone to recognize the difference between the natural grass and an artificial turf.

It can be safely said that artificial putting green has a lot of advantages when compared with a natural one. You can buy artificial turfs from several vendors all around the world; if you are from Australia then you can buy synthetic turf for putting greens from this company.