Perssonalized Golf BallsGolf is evolving like any other sport and today people prefer teeing up a custom imprinted golf balls over the usual plain while golf ball. Anything can be custom imprinted, from names to business logos and so on. However the most common custom imprinting today is done by corporate business houses. This welcome distraction can help your business a big deal, but before opting for custom imprinting you need to go through the following check list.



Things to Consider:


  • Mission – What is the purpose of custom imprinting ( like increasing goodwill, branding, etc.)?
  • Selecting a vendor – Choose a vendor who is trustworthy and well established in the market.
  • Imprint area – Unlike other modes of branding and promotions custom imprinting is highly focused as the amount of information that you can print is minimal. Most of the time the print area is around 7/8th of an inch. So you need to decide on what to convey in the limited space.
  • Price range – The vendor should provide the service at a competitive price. A trusted vendor like offers you attractive prices for imprinting.


Advantages of  Custom Imprinting on Golf Balls:

  • Effective Promotion: As a corporate house you can provide your employees or potential clients with imprinted golf balls. Unlike other methods this is a tangible gift and people will use it at home, place it in their office and other places; hence it guarantees a lasting commercial promotion.
  • Wider Reach: These custom imprinted golf balls will also be seen by those who come in contact with these people and hence provide a broader reach.
  • Return on Investment: Unlike other promotional items like flyers and ads, personalized golf balls will remain with the user and will be used over and over again. It is an effective marketing tool and provides a better return on investment over a long run.
  • Goodwill: Imprinted golf balls can be a very powerful promotional tool. Promotion works on several levels, the most visible being the increase in sales, but in addition to the increase in sale a good promotion will also help in increasing the goodwill of the brand. Custom golf balls as gifts will definitely improve the goodwill with your employees, prospective customers and customers.[/starlist]
Personalized golf balls are extremely useful from the individual’s point of view, as they are easy to identify. If your name is imprinted on your golf balls then there will be no doubt when searching for your ball that flew in to the woods or other places. Others cannot mistake your ball for theirs.