Are you the type of person who frequents the golf stores in Hilton Head, perusing around the store and looking at all of the neat gear and accessories that you can buy, only to retreat back to your home in shame because you know that you cannot play golf? Hilton Head Island is a fantastic place to vacation to for the whole family, but if you can’t play golf very well you may be missing out on some of the most exciting fun that the island has to offer. Keep reading to find out a couple of tips to help your golf game get better.

Anchor Your Foot – If you are having problems generating a swing that drives the ball a far distance down the course, make sure you learn how to anchor your foot. The foot that you are supposed to anchor is always the foot that is behind the ball. Learning how to properly align your feet is a big first step in learning how to play the game of golf.

Keep Your Elbow and Hip Touching – When using Hilton head golf clubs, or any other clubs for that matter, keep your elbow and hip touching while you are swinging the club. This decreases the probability of your hands interfering with your swing, thus making it a better and more effective shot.

Let Your Club Do the Work for You – No, smacking the ball like a maniac will not make the golf ball go further down the green. Focus your attention on the center of the golf ball, and allow gravity to work its magic as you swing. Golf clubs these days are amazingly crafted, and do a great job by themselves of launching the ball. All you have to do is swing the club properly while in the right stance, and you can begin to improve your game.

These are just a couple of ways to get your golf game on point. Keep practicing and don’t give up!