This works well. It is very easy to use and the display shows up well. It does what it advertises. however, it is very easy to accidentally bump the thing and reset your score. There is no way to go back and fix mistakes, so this makes it useless unless you treat it very gingerly.

The price is excellent and shipping is fast. The Score Keeper works perfectly at the belt buckle. The beauty of it is in the simplicity of it. You don’t need to stand and recount the score for a completed hole, which can take a minute or so. There is no “learning curve” with the device. It helps to focus on your golf game.

It can clip right to your towel holder so when you return a club to the bag just click the stroke at the same time, easy and convenient. The draw back is that it doesn’t time itself off and so if you forget to turn it off too many times you will probably be buying batteries also. In addition, the key chain attachment broke after two uses.

Inexpensive way to keep track of your score. Love the fact that it keeps a running total of the full 18 holes. It’s also nice that you can subtract a stroke if you make a mistake. It can keep only one person’s score, but that’s okay since it doesn’t cost much.