Technasonic Check-GO Pro Sweet Spot Finder – Product Description:

Technasonic Check-GO Pro Sweet Spot Finder Ever wonder why golf s best players sometimes have a line on their ball? This great golf gizmo finds any golf ball s true balance equator in 30 seconds, improving a ball’s accuracy and distance off the tee and when putting. Utilized by over a million golfers worldwide, Check-GO Pro s patented spin balance technology improves game performance by balance calibrating any golf ball before play. While spinning at over 10,000 RPM, this amazing device finds a ball’s center of balance and draws an equator along it. This balance equator represents what is referred to as the “sweet spot” of any golf ball. By playing aligned with the balance equator, you will hit straighter and farther while reducing hooks and slices. Nearly every golf ball manufactured is not perfectly balanced. Even the very best golf ball can and will perform substantially better when played on its true balance equator derived by using Check-GO Pro . The Check-GO Pro is enhanced with an all-new ergonomic portable design and balance led system. Features: High speed 10,000 RPM gyroscopic action works with all brands of golf balls New ergonomic design New balance timer (shows the exact moment to mark the ball) New built-in alignment cup (to create your own partial or bold line) Quick and easy to use Batteries and pen included

Product Features :

1. Improve your game with greater accuracy & distance
2. Take advantage of the ball’s sweet spot
3. Make more putts – reduce slices and hooks
4. Automatically realigns the ball’s heaviest areas along its equator
5. You’ll enjoy more accurate shots, greater distance and lower scores

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