This umbrella is HUGE! If you’re looking for something to take to soccer games, the beach, etc., this is perfect! It’s definitely big enough to put two full sized lawnchairs, a cooler with plenty of room for extras. It stakes down very easily into the grass and stays down even in the wind. It also has little pockets in the side for things like sunblock, bug spray, sunglasses, etc.

It can also stand upright like a traditional sport umbrella in beaches. It’s very big but lightweight and made of really durable material. It looks like an umbrella you would buy with your patio or deck set. Definitely a great addition for our outdoor activities!!

It is intuitave, as easy as popping open an umbrella. In beaches, it is a bit of a monstrosity in terms of size, but then again what’s the point of having a junky little too small umbrella when you are seeking relief from the sun at the beach? This umbrella will shade quite a number of people. The umbrella is not big and heavy to lug down to the sand. The color is bright and friendly on the beach as well. This product would be so cute if they did a typical beach umbrella striping of a few bright colors to improve a perfect product. This would make a great product for a family that has small toddlers or babys at the beach.

Few features of this umbrella:

It is so easy to set up!
It fits two people!
It traps the heat from a heater!
It is so portable!
It is well made and shows no sign of wear after a long NW baseball season.