This is the best travel case for golf clubs. It is like a super hard sided Samsonite suitcase for golf clubs with a far more robust TSA lock than you will see on your typical Samsonite suitcase.

The club head area is surrounded with foam, but a towel wrapped around the club heads will prevent rattles and clicks. There is no name tag or name tag area on the bag, you need to supply your own. There is not much room left for any extra’s once you put a standard size bag in the case.

The TSA lock is a bit still and you have to use it to prevent the latch from popping open. The other 2 non-locking latches work fine though. No problem with the locks at the air port. Overall the case is good. It’s got a lifetime warranty on parts too. The only down side is that because it is solid and rigid, it takes up a lot of space when it is empty.

So you have a choice. Travel with a cloth golf bag that you can fold up when it is empty and allow your clubs to be abused. Or travel with one of these babies knowing that your clubs are safe and sound and pay the bell man to hold the empty bag in storage. If you think this is a choice, you don’t love your clubs . . . or you didn’t pay for them.