This glove will get beat up after a bunch of rounds, but my four TF Feel Cadet gloves haven’t torn or ripped. They still do what they are supposed to do with comfort, but the are few complaints that they look worn out.

The soft gloves tend to be loose and the tight gloves tend to be made of sheer surfaces leather that doesn’t give you much feel when grasping the glove. It’s hard to find a golf glove that achieves both tight fitting and soft. This glove has both, and it’s a fair amount better than the Nike synthetic glove it replaces.

Unlike other gloves, you can wear this glove a round of 18 without being conscience of it on your hand. TF Feel Cadet is more comfortable than the other TF gloves. There are elastic ‘veins’ throughout the TF Feel Cadet that allow it to fit your a hand to a tee (pun intended).

The palm is surfaced with very supple leather that meshes well with both my fingers and club handles.

TF Feel Cadet don’t have a ball marker on the wrist wrap unlike the other TF gloves. Ball marker (or, not), feel is most important, and the TF Feel Cadet provides a great feel.

The price is right and the shipping is free, so there is no downside.


1. Great Feel.
2. Breathability.
3. Convenient ball marker.
4. Reasonable price.


1. Durability.