The construction of this bag is impressive. The handles, straps and seams are well stitched and strong, padding at the top extends down far enough to protect your club heads. The main zipper is heavy duty and accommodates a lock. The bottom protection is solid, and the wheels are smooth rolling and sturdy.

You may have misled by the images of this item, which make the bag seem a little more sturdy than it is. The zippers, handles, roller-wheels all seem to be made of sturdy materials. It’s relatively easy to wheel this through the airport. However, the tiny padlocks that come with the bag are unimpressive, they truly can’t protect much of anything. You can replace them with a luggage lock like TSA-approved Master Lock.

The top of the bag sort of loses its shape and “hangs” on your club heads a little more than the accompanying pictures would lead you to believe. The rounded top of the case is simply a very firm, durable fabric, sort of like a stiffened duffel bag. Padding throughout the bag is really pretty minimal, but is adequate.


The bag is a little large for my stand bag (perhaps its better suited for a cart bag).
The bag could use more cinch straps (only one is included, which wraps around the shafts of your clubs).
This is a soft bag and will not protect your clubs if they are dropped in an upright orientation with the club heads facing down (upside-down).

But, for the price, this bag is totally worth it. You can hardly rent a decent set of clubs for the same price as this item, and it gives you the much more desirable option of playing with your own clubs while traveling.

If you’re travelling with a top-end set we’d probably recommend a firm case. Or, at least a complementing club “spacer” that extends like a small umbrella to the top of the bag and keeps it in shape, helping to preventing the club heads from being bent or mashed while in stow.

Overall, the quality of this bag is extremely impressive for the price ($38), and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a once-in-a-while travel bag.