This device basically does one thing, and does it well: displays distance to the green. One of the four buttons, labeled FCB, cycles through the distance to Front, Center, and Back of the green, so it is possible to determine depth of the green as the difference between front and back. The other three buttons are on/off, next hole, and previous hole. There’s no touchscreen, scorekeeping, weather reporting, etc.

This is the evaluation based on limited (several rounds) experience:


1. Simple and effective
2. Accurate (within a couple yards of on-course markers and center of green)
3. Good battery life (at least 4 rounds per charge)
4. Includes AC/USB adapter (computer not required to charge the device)
5. Large LCD display; numbers easily seen at a glace
6. No issues with software, setup, course selection, downloading
7. Good value, considering base price and $10 annual data fee
8. Loads courses quickly and easily
9. Fits in pocket, about the size of a cell phone
10. Can charge with computer or wall unit.

1. Plastic belt clip – I wonder how long until it breaks
2. Overall size is not small, though effective use of front surface space with the LCD and buttons.
3. Ten (10) course capacity is reasonable

1. A bit thick: almost 1″ at widest point on the belt clip.
2. USB/charging port is not protected. What will happen when it gets wet?
3. It only goes in the belt clip in one direction. If worn on the belt, you look at the numbers and controls upside down. Or, if clipped upside down, there is the risk is falls off the belt or out of the clip.