They fit nice and tight, stretching over the iron head just like a wetsuit (only not really WET, of course). These are made of high quality neoprene, just like a wetsuit for windsurfing, back in the day. They can serve well for many years.


1. High quality material

2. Printed numbers are clear, large, and permanent–much easier to locate the right iron for the right job without having to squint at the tiny number printed on the bottom of the clubhead.

3. Stretchy material will fit over oversized irons as well, like Big Bertha #4.

4. Head covers are small enough to fit neatly in your pocket while you set up your shot and make your stroke.

5. Protects the iron heads–no more banging against each other while riding along in the golf cart.

6. Covers fit tight–not a sloppy fit. These are “skin tight” and won’t fall off onto the golf cart path.

The plain ones can fit a couple of gap wedges and an extra sand wedge. Iron Gloves’ Wood covers are also good. You can’t go wrong with these; highly recommended!