There are certainly nicer, higher end golf push carts around, but for a basic, lightweight inexpensive cart, this is the best on the market. Regarding the common complaint of the pencil holder being loose, it’s true, but either just use the pencils with erasers that are a little thicker, or put a little tape around the pencil. Better yet, spend $10 for the Android/iPhone app GolfCard & track your scores that way.

You can’t beat this cart for an inexpensive way to get around the course. Very light and stable and comes with features such as a score card holder, 2 ball holders, pencil and tee holders and folds easily with you bag attached.

The card holder assembly is held by three rivets which you could drill out and remove completely but you will lose the features of your 2 ball, pencil and tee holders.

The GPS accuracy is not perfect, but it will track your putts, GIRs, up & downs, clubs used & distances, etc. Even Its wireless feature allows you to back up scores to your computer in seconds & for free!

The straps that hold your bag are adequate and does not have a problem of the bag turning sideways. You only have to attach the wheels, strap in your bag and you are ready to go. The wheel attachment screws are already held by the frame so there are no parts to lose when assembeling. One somewhat confusing label by the wheel attachment states “warning-tighten to maximum” while the imprinted words on the tightener states “hand tighten only”. You can tighten the screws as much as you want; But, be careful! Do not over tighten it.

The arm that holds the handle moves slightly up and down when the cart is all the way open. No big deal! but You can put a peice of duct tape over the post where you slide the square holder over to firm up the handle arm.

Overall, This cart is the economical/casual for golfers, who look for a basic cart that will save them the cost of renting pull carts. This will pay for itself even if it were to only last 1 or 2 seasons, as long as you golf more than a few times a year.

Pros: inexpensive, lightweight, compact, rolls easily, includes free water bottle & holder.

Cons: handle doesn’t have a sturdy feel, pencil holder not snug, bag doesn’t stay straight up so towels will drag & pockets become less accessible if you don’t keep straps tight &/or straighten up bag occasionally, scorecard holder doesn’t fit the size cards my courses (Chicago PD/Cook County FP) use.